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Relying on Allah
a painting with a hand holding a bird in it's palm and the words, the beloved is with you in the midst of your seeking he holds your hand wherever you wander
“The Beloved is with you in the midst of your seeking! He holds your hand...” -Rumi
a person standing in the middle of a body of water with words above it that read give yourself to the one who already owns your breath and your moments
Rumi (R.a)
a lit candle sitting on top of a table next to a mirror with the words listen, stand up in prayer during the night, for you are a candle, and at night a candle stands and burns
an image of the ocean with a quote about real gold does not fear the furnace - chinese prove
an old man with a beard and a turban on his head is shown in this
a woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with her arms in the air
a woman standing in front of a blue watercolor background with the words who am i standing in the midst of this thought - traffic?
Draw & Wings.
an image of a quote from khadedaa on the subject of her book, she believed in me when people reflected me
50 Best Islamic Quotes about Love with Images
Islamic Quotes Quran, Islam Quran, Islamic Quotes
a white background with the words if you want to straighten your faith, you will need to soften inside for your faith to be rock solid
an image of a cartoon character on the screen with other characters in arabic and english
Islam Facts, Prophet Muhammad
an arabic text on parchment paper with the words, oh my lord open my chest and ease my task for me remove the impplent from my speech so that they may understand what i say
Oh my Lord ease my task for me
an islamic text with the words dua for seeking refuge from ignorance
the road is surrounded by trees with a quote on it that reads, the lord who has taken care of you all today, will he not manage your attain in the future?
a piece of paper with an image of a heart and the words night prayer written on it
an arabic poem written in two languages on a gray background with black and white writing
[ Twitter/Telegram : @downsum ]
the words human and inson written in arabic on a green background with black lettering
إنسان | Humain | Insān
إنسان | Human | Insān – Humanisthme
a poem with the words pearls of wisdom written in black and white on green paper
𝕋𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕥𝕝𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕔 on Twitter
an info sheet describing the benefits of meditation
9 Signs Of Weak Faith With Reference to Ahadith - Islamic Articles
the history of quran info sheet
The Gathering of Holy Quran - Infographic
an arabic quote with blurry boket in the background that reads, very allah forgings all sins
120+ Beautiful Allah SWT Quotes & Sayings With Pictures (2017)
an image of the ocean with a quote on it that says,'o you who have belied, seek help through prince and prayer
Allah is with the patient.
an old book with some type of writing on it's page, and the words in
Wisdom & Inspiration
an image of the sky with clouds and stars above it that says indeed i am near
Safina5: Photo
a field with some trees in the distance and an islamic quote above it that reads, and your lord says, call upon me i will respond to you
an arabic quote on black paper with white writing
Islamic Art and Quotes
an image of a mosque with a quote on it
Causes, Types & Effects of Kibr (Pride & Arrogance) in one's life
an arabic quote with the words it's not shame if a man learns something from a woman's heart which makes him more gentle and human
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the cover art for taziyattun nats's cleaning the heart with lavabat & dhkir away from stain of this dunya
Inspirational Islamic Quotes
the name al - nur is written in arabic on a white background with pink flowers
90- AL-NUR