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Visual Rhetoric theory “ An image/word that can interpret one’s view or perspective of a topical issue. Within this graphic, the integration of forks and knives used as chopsticks displays the concept...

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Life forms in sea water.

Misc. Art/Design - Other

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ROY LICHTENSTEIN (1923-1997): Woman with Peanuts, 1962
Roy Lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), Red Lamps, from Interior Series

Roy Lichtenstein

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hattie stewart, the doodle bomber | read | i-D
hattie stewart, the doodle bomber | read | i-D
hattie stewart, the doodle bomber | read | i-D

Hattie Stewart

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Bold letters. Lots of colour. Variety of typefaces and sizes. Use of horizontal and vertical type.
Neville Brody’s cover art for the forthcoming issue of the V&A Magazine, referencing the museum’s Postmodernism exhibition

Neville Brody

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Falling Off the Workout Wagon
Arnold's Final Battle
Death on Facebook

Marcos Chin

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James Rosenquist - Somewhere to Light
James Rosenquist #Art #PopArt #Inspire
James Rosenquist, Industrial Cottage, 1977

James Rosenquist

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Japanese Poster: Human Rights. Kazumasa Nagai. 1989
Japanese Poster: Automation show. Kazumasa Nagai. 1986
Japanese Advertisement: Nikkorex. Kazumasa Nagai. 1960

Kazaumasa Nagai

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Henri Rousseau
by Henri Rousseau
Henri Rousseau, Le Douanier

Henri Rosseau

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Mitsuo Katsui – contemporary Japanese Posters | Graphicine
Mitsuo Katsui - 1985

Mitsuo Katsui

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Barbara Kruger
Barbara Kruger
Barbara Kruger: It's all about me/ I mean you/ I mean me

Barbara Kruger

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two people with flowers in their heads, one saying you've changed and the other saying not surprised
we’re supposed to
we're supposed to
an advertisement for the animated movie's characters, from left to right, violet and purple
Filming In McDonaldland. McDonald's.
In 1986 Birdie, Grimace and Hamburglar were the last three supporting characters that I redesigned. The McDonald's client asked that I make the characters friendlier and more youthful,... and this is what happened. Our puppeteers, Tony Urbano, Tim Blaney and company created the costumes and closeup puppets for each. They all appeared in the 1987 “Ronald McDonald and Friends Specification Manual” that I art directed. McDonaldland. Ronald McDonald. Ad agency art director Rich Seidelman.
an image of a blue cartoon character holding something in his right hand and looking at the viewer
Grimace - 1974
Here's Grimace from the top flap of my 1974 cookie box. My favorite images of Grimace are of him holding armfuls of shakes. This is my favorite part of the box. 1974
a painting of a woman with tattoos on her chest and arm, sitting in a chair
art. on Twitter
art. on Twitter: "mona lisa in 2020… "
a woman with long hair is holding an object in her hand
the1pandemonium: “ “I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself... - FOREX MARKETCAP
a drawing of a woman with red hair and an orange light on her face is shown
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an old poster with the statue of liberty on it's back and people standing around
Cool Art: 'The Godfather Part II' by Laurent Durieux
'The Godfather Part II' by Laurent Durieux
two black and white drawings of people sitting in the water with their hands on their heads
Daehyun Kim - 말더듬이 (A Stammerer), 2012
an abstract painting is featured in the art auction page on google's homepage
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SONIA DELAUNAY (1885-1979)