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"Illustrator Kelsey Niziolek says she “holds a special love in her (he)art for science, health, and medical related topics.” Her series titled, Body Oddities, is the result of a research project on the human body and its bizarre facts.


Surreal Photos, Amp, Articles, Twitter, Black, Contrast, Feelings, Anatomy, Photographs, Black People


Extraordinary Observer by Enkel Dika

Another piece by my favourite artist Nunzio Paci. I love the bonsai tree emerging from eith the womb or (a kidney?). It is dynamic and has strong movement throughout, the eye is taken around the painting. I love how he incorporates graphite with oil paint and leaves it partially sketched in. The pops of colour make it insteresting for the eye. -VL

Title: From flesh to soil, from soil to flesh / Dalla carne alla terra, dalla terra alla carne Dim: cm Tecnique: oil and pencil on canvas / olio, matita su tela Year: 2014