Aksana Zinchanka.

Even though I was alone in this bus, I almost couldn't hear my own thoughts. / Seule dans ce bus, je m'entendais pourtant à peine penser.


noanoa velvet dress on hanger love this shade of blue-violet, not quite grey…

Vitis vinifera Grapes are somewhat isolated in the rosid group, requiring their own order with just a single family, Vitaceae. These wild grapes, hanging like gems from a necklace, were found growing near painter Kate Nessler’s farm in Arkansas.

Kate Nessler, from The Art of Plant Evolution, Kew Publishing, 2010 Wild grapes: Vitis vinifera Links to Seed Magazine


Detail Design House: Fortuny (Italian, founded Designer: Mariano Fortuny (Spanish, Granada Venice) Date: ca. 1920 Culture: Italian Medium: silk, glass Dimensions: [no dimensions available] Credit Line: Gift of Mrs.

elephant ceramics

elephant ceramics handmade ceramics by home design editor and prop stylist Michele Michael .