Old English Roses.

William Morris' David Austin Old English Rose. English roses are a group of roses introduced in 1969 by the English rose hybridizer David Austin. They have the full flower form and fragrance of old roses but bloom repeatedly and come in more colors.


Rosa Pierre de Ronsard / Eden Rose Strong and healthy beauty, countless flowers from spring till autumn. Buy her!

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I love how this design intertwines the rectangle and the one flower. It makes the flower stand out and gives it more of a effect causing the piece to stand out more as a whole. The quality of the photo is very nice and the design was put together well.


burgundy roses - would be interesting to try to get that depth of colour in watercolour (muse) perhaps one stroke painting instead?

Rose by mellow stuff on flickr

What beautiful blooms. According to this pinner: Rose oil maybe helpful with insomnia as well as memory. It also known to be soothing and have calming qualities. Of course we can't forget that it is intoxicating and romantic.