before it fades

I did the same thing for my kitchen window, but sewed the doilies to a sheer curtain rather then overlapping them by sewing to each other. It looks ethereal when the morning sun shines through them.

Tinctorial Textiles by Raw Color

Tinctorial Textiles"plant dyes on translucent wool overlap, creating visual glazing effect. This is what I do with glazing in acrylic and translucent poured layers.


Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen had its latest catalogue shot in the studio of black and white artist Tenka Gammelgaard, with stunning results. Photos by Jacob Termansen… …merci Wo & Wé…


Bathroom, Rustic outdoor tropical bathroom blue clawfoot tub wooden floor succulent plant stainless steel faucet small sculpture: Tropical Outdoor Shower And Bathroom


A 17th Century Colonial Palace Is Transformed Into The Downtown Hotel And Hostel In Mexico City

Top Stunning Contemporary Yet Old Hotel in Mexico : Wooden Wall With Unique Carvings In Bedroom

Internal shutters and window reveal decorated in Chinese fretwork by Luke Lightfoot in the Chinese Room at Claydon House, c.1760 by Rubens1577, via Flickr

Internal shutters & window reveal decorated in Chinese fretwork by Luke Lightfoot, Chinese Room, Claydon House, Radiator fret work panels on wall