INDOOR PLANTS I really want to incorporate plants with my displays and I loveeee the circular ceramics on the walls with plants coming out of them!


Pick a piece of nature and bring it inside ina beautiful glass vase. Vase and fern

Hosta Leaves

Hosta Leaves 10 by Ralph Gabriner (Color Photograph

Great shape inspiration for foldforms (Ralph Gabriner "Hosta Leaves Color Photograph). This would be great inspiration for metal-forming a pendant or earrings.

COS | Things | Nicole Franzen

Looking for a unique houseplant, try an air plant. Xerographica (variety pictured) air plants for their size, color, and interesting texture.


wall of vines. Is this ivy run amok? No wonder it is considered a noxious invasive weed when it escapes the garden. That could take down a forest! But it sure is pretty in controlled circumstances.