Fine Motor Skills (6m-12m)

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Drop the ball: Baby Development Activity
Holding, grasping, throwing are all important parts of your child's development. They will use their fine motor skills and hand muscles to keep the game of 'dropping' and 'picking' going.
Stack 'em up: Baby Development Activity
This will help your child develop visual and thinking skills allowing them to stimulate their cognitive abilities and capabilities. This helps in overll growth and development of your child. Download the Kinderpass app and get access to more activities!
Exploring the book: Baby Development Activity
Babies are intrigued by movement and one of the first movements they can orchestrate (apart from batting) is to turn over the pages of the book. Turning pages slowly will help grow fine motor skills of your baby.
Spoon Time
This simple activity helps your child with their fine motor skills- developing grasp and working on the wrist motion. It also helps with discovery and exploration of gravity, weight, muscle control, cause and effect, and self-awareness.