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The easiest no knead skillet bread. Just mix all of the ingredients together, let the dough rise, pan and bake. You won't get your hands or counters messy! Recipes for 1 Easy No Knead Skillet Bread Skillet Bread, Skillet Meals, Skillet Cooking, Skillet Lasagna, Cooking Risotto, Skillet Pan, Roh Vegan, No Knead Bread, Yeast Bread

Easy No Knead Skillet Bread

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This is the easiest no-knead skillet bread. Just mix all of the ingredients together, let the dough rise, put it in a pan and bake! You won't get your hands or counters messy!

I really want a cooking set up like this. Fire bans create a challenge though. Nice cooking pan - Stiklestadir 2010 (Viking Average) Would love to add this over our fire pit. Casa Viking, Viking House, Viking Life, Iron Age, Viking Food, Viking Camp, Larp, Viking Culture, Old Norse

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Would you like to go camping? If you would, you may be interested in turning your next camping adventure into a camping vacation. Camping vacations are fun Camping Glamping, Camping Life, Camping Meals, Camping Hacks, Backyard Camping, Camping Gadgets, Minivan Camping, Camping Set, Outdoor Life

Winner: Campfire Cooker

Seriously, I knew you would all be going crazy if I did not announce the winner of the Campfire Cooker before the weekend was out! And far b...

Craticula (Roman stove) I would need taller legs (for comfort and fire clearance), but this would make dutch oven cooking MUCH easier than the rounded bottom fire pits I've been using.


Gridirons, Bake Kettles and more: A Hearth Cooking Adventure – Bites of Food History

Gridirons, Bake Kettles and more: A Hearth Cooking Adventure

Many Burners As I sit in my office, trying to stay warm on this cold day, I find planning hearth cooking workshops warming. At every class and workshop my goal is to use as many different hearth …

Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set The old-fashioned method of cooking with cast iron cookware has been around for years

18th Century Double Boiler Cast Wrought Iron Early America Hearth Cooker

SCA Camping things — the only thing missing from this list is a few servants to carry and set it all up…. SCA Camping things — the only thing missing from this list is a few servants to carry and set it all up….


SCA Camping things Thanks Jennifer for the pic. Gives folks an idea eh?

Buying guide: where I buy pottery for medieval open-fire cooking.

Two cooking pots (Grapen) from medieval Hamburg circa 1200-1400 AD

A loaf of Roman bread and clay testum. The testum is placed over the bread & covered w/ coals. This helps produce even heat & holds in moisture for portable bread baking. I wonder if I could make one. Ancient Roman Food, Ancient Rome, White Wheat Bread, Medieval Recipes, Outdoor Cooking, Bread Baking, Just In Case, Bakery, Food And Drink

Bread and Circuses

Although I am a potter and would normally say that this is my only real area of expertise, I have in recent years, been called upon to bake bread on several occasions. This came about because, after I built the Roman kiln for Segedunum, they asked if I could also build for them, a Roman bread oven. Not being one to turn down a challenge I said yes. The Oven was loosely based on evidence from the ones at Chichester and Doune Primary School. It was constructed on a masonry and rubble base…

The Vikings of Bjornstad - Viking Museum Haithabu. Notice the pouring spout on the bowl at lower left

The Vikings of Bjornstad

Irish Soda Bread (which Irish call wheaten bread) The cooking/baking hearth of an Irish cottage, circa courtesy Ulster Folk and Transport Museum Irish Soda Bread Recipe, Ireland Food, European Cuisine, Irish Cottage, English Food, Irish Recipes, People Eating, Pain, Bread Recipes

A little soda bread history by Diane Duane. An abundance of fuel and a climate-caused dearth of hard wheat lead to to popularity of baking soda rather than yeast as a leavening agent. This article provides interesting history and good culinary information on Irish soda bread and farl.

Cooking in Colonial America

Fantastic No Cost Fireplace Hearth rustic Ideas Newest Pics Primitive Kitchen fireplace Style The kitchen is named the guts of your home, as well a

Dear Reader, This is not a how-to set of directions for fixing a colonial breakfast. It is a review of what was done in cooking breakfast. Recipes for colonial meals can be found on the web. (Go Google.) Colonial Hearth Courtesy of LoveToKnow You got yourself into this. For two years you’ve been telling Momma and Poppa that you are old enough to take care of yourself and the farm for a few days if they want to go away. (Go gather kelp, visit one of your aunts or uncles, go to Oceanport and…

Walk-in Cooking Fireplace in Restored 1810 Farmhouse

Walk-in Cooking Fireplace in Restored 1810 Farmhouse

Old fashioned Pennsylvania German cooking , in this walk-in cooking fireplace, was demonstrated during the two-day Fall Fescht-2008 held in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. It was on "the farm'", a living history museum, at the the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, on the north end of Kutztown University's campus. The 1810 farmhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.