# 9.  DIY en forma de corazón de presupuesto |  25 ideas del arte del genio

30 Easy Craft Ideas That Will Spark Your Creativity (DIY Projects For Adults)

Cómo deshidratar hojas

How to Make Leaf Skeletons

Simmer thick leaves in a baking soda mixture. It should leave behind the skeleton of the leaf which you can then lightly paint or dye. Or you could always just buy some skeleton leaves in craft shop;

Cómo hacer esqueleto sale con sosa. Soda de lavado se realiza por cocción normal Bicarbonato de sodio en un horno 200'C durante 30 minutos - (Quién sabía? !!) - Tutorial detallado

How to make Skeleton Leaves with Washing Soda. Washing Soda is made by baking regular Baking Soda in a oven for 30 minutes -- (Who knew?) - Detailed Tutorial - Come ricavare lo scheletro delle foglie

cuando te veo. Lo que pasa con mi corazón. Lo que pasa en mi estomago. Lo que pasa en mi cabeza  I am so excited that I understood this!

Love is meant to be adventure … when I with you I feel like I am where I belong . Forever in Love – Best love Quotes Saying. written by: bettymom Can you feel that monotony provides settled …

15 Regalos que puedes darle a tu mejor amiga este San Valentin ⋮ Es la moda

15 Regalos que puedes darle a tu mejor amiga este San Valentin

A christmas craft for my little girl, that she can give away as a gift to her fr

Clothespin love note./ Broche para ropa con mensaje de amor.

Clothespin Message

I love you clothes pins: Write a message with a FINE POINT sharpie so it doesn't smear. Write "I love you" on a paper. Cut it out, and hot glue it to the clothes pin end. Would be cute for a care package!

DIY- Regalos para tu novio y BFF

Valentine's Day: Fortune Cookie Tutorial - Do shades of brown for regular days. idea - miniatures would be adorable

Compra un jenga y en cada bloque escribe un mensajito

14 Regalos hechos por ti para que sepa cuánto lo quieres

como hacer corazon de papel origami san valentin paso a paso diy

Tutoriales de papiroflexia: corazones de papel

Origami paper hearts -- can be used as bookmarks, love notes, package decoration, strung together in a chain.many creative option!

Simple origami steamer ship

Simple origami steamer ship For summer indoor entertainment craft idea for older kids