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an old church with blue and white tiles on it
grace(ful things)
Igreja de Santo Ildefonso
a church with a steeple and a cross on it's roof in the mountains
Kapelle am Scheideweg: Mieminger Plateau
the interior of an old cathedral with pews
How to build a brick arch; the beauty, mathematics and history of building arches in architecture
Spread of knowledge from North Africa and Arabia, following a mysterious region- wide cataclysm, brought the how-to of the arch to Europe in early 1200.
a very large stained glass window in a church
Kölner Dom by peniole ... / 500px
Kölner Dom (1248-1880). Köln, Deutschland. Gotik.
an old stone church with a red door and steeple on the front, surrounded by green grass
Good Shepherd Episcopal in Virginia | While visiting my flic…
the top of an ornate building with blue domes and gold stars on it's roof
Golden Ring of Russia
the cathedral is lit up at night in red and blue colors, with people walking around it
Moscow - St Basil's Cathedral at Night
the large cathedral has many colorful lights on it's front and side windows at night
France Tourism | Places to Visit in France: TripHobo
Reims Cathedral, France
the front and back sides of a cathedral at night with text overlaying it that reads, t & g
Coluna da Primogênita – Viajando na Rede
Catedral de Colônia
the sun is setting over a small white church with a brick path leading to it
Alexandre Dias 🍺
#Alekodias Good afternoon #Beijos #Amigos… (em Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
a small wooden church in the snow
St Jude's Chapel of Hope
St Jude's Chapel of Hope | Spring Creek, NC The small Chapel… | Flickr