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Tower of Babel pop up coloring page: free printable as Sunday School resource that worked great for a wide range of ages.  Preschool, kindergarten, grade school

Babel's Tower: free pop-up coloring page printable

These last couple months have been such a joy! I've been assisting a friend get a Sunday School program started for our growing church plant and we've decided to read through "The Jesus Storybook Bible" by Sally Lloyd-Jones through Zonder. Since we are still a small group, the age range is fairly wide: from three to ten. Finding projects to go along with the story has been a little trial and error, and a little bit of making projects up as I go! That's why I wanted to share this free…

Philip & Ethiopian (Acts 8) | Make

Philip & Ethiopian (Acts 8) | Make - Jesus Without Language

2nd Philip and the Ethiopian activity to accompany the story in Acts 8, full instructions and downloadable templates. Part of a whole lesson onsite.

Free Moses & Ten Plagues Pack - over 75 pages of activities that are great for Passover or any time you tell the story. -

Free Moses & The Ten Plagues Pack

This has been a pack I've wanted to work on for a long time. I love the story of Moses and it works so nicely into Passover. There are so many fun images to use for this pack. I can't

lessons in Job for kids: "Job didn’t praise God because things were good, Job praised God because he loved God, and recognized God was good.  That’s been something I needed reminding of recently." (Job 1:20-21)

Job lesson for kids

Job is a hard book of the Bible to teach kids, but it's necccessary. In this Job lesson for kids, we look at what to do when your friends have a hard time.

Supplies:   10 Plague Props       Moses  went to the bad king and told him that God said "Let my people go!" but  the bad king would n...

Lesson 8: Moses and the 10 Plagues

Supplies: 10 Plague Props Moses went to the bad king and told him that God said "Let my people go!" but the bad king would n...

Tower of Babel Craft - Homeschool Kindergarten Craft - Sonlight Core A Bible Week 1 Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel Craft - Homeschool Kindergarten Craft - Sonlight Core A Bible Week 1 Tower of Babel

Cute Tower of Babel craft. This would have been handy a while ago when we covered this story.

Christian Preschool Printables -

These are free Printable Bible crafts you can use in your homeschool or children's ministry. Great for after school activities or to enhance your sunday school lesson. Lots of printables, bible activities, bible crafts, and ideas.

Tower of Babel Craft- stack pieces of red and brown paper like bricks then write verse from lesson- R10

T is for Towers

The Tower of Babel After reading about the Tower of Babel we made this tower craft: Here is a free template for the bricks 1. Copy template onto card stock or construction paper. 2. Students cut out individual blocks. 3. Demonstrate how to start at the bottom and build up. 4. Children will glue blocks onto another piece of paper. (I used blue construction paper.) 5. Stretch out some cotton balls for clouds 6. Students glue on clouds. 7. Students use a black crayon to draw windows and doors…

Genesis: Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is a short lesson, so I created a cut & glue worksheet that can be used to discuss the things that we should build our life on that God wants. To go with the building theme, I have the cutest toolbox and tools for you! It can be used for any lesson and the kids are going to LOVE it! The people in the lesson wanted to build the tower as a monument to themselves, but God wants expects us to live for Him. Also, at the beginning of the lesson, I had cards printed with Hello in…

Edible 10 Plagues

Make your Passover seder fun with these edible representations of the ten plagues. Everyone will enjoy the creativity and all of these can easily be done with little to no special equipment.

How to Make a Passover "Bag of Plagues"

Teach kids the customs and traditions associated with Passover by letting them take part in this interactive DIY.

Easy Bible Crafts for kids: The Plague Of Hail Mobile

The Plague Of Hail Mobile

Today’s craft is based on the seventh plague on Egypt, the plague of hail. “Moses stretched out his staff toward the sky, and the Lord sent thunder and hail, and fire ran down to the earth. A…

7 Years Missing Pieces (Joseph, puzzle) - Kids Korner - BibleWise

7 Years Missing Pieces (Joseph, puzzle) - Kids Korner

An activity for young children on Joseph - draw in the missing pieces of the cows representing the 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of drought.

Tower of Babel - verse

História Bíblica: A Torre de Babel - com atividades, recursos visuais, vídeos.

A torre de Babel Objetivo: Ensinar a criança que o orgulho é pecado e que tudo o que temos e somos vêm de Deus. Verso para decorar: "O orgulhoso do homem o abaterá, mas quem é humilde será respeitado." Pv 29:23 História bíblica Depois do dilúvio, as famílias cresceram e encheram a terra. Naquele tempo todos os povos falavam uma língua só, todos usavam as mesmas palavras. Alguns partiram do Oriente e chegaram a uma planície em Sinar, onde ficaram morando. Um dia disseram uns aos outros…