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an old style house with a fire place on the roof and stairs leading up to it
a house made out of rocks and flowers
Hans En Grietje (Hansel and Gretel)
a mushroom like structure in the middle of a forest with mushrooms growing out of it
Photos from the Fairytale Forest at Efteling
an outdoor nativity scene in the middle of a wooded area with trees and shrubs
Photo TR: Efteling (the Netherlands)
an old stone building with a tree growing out of it's door and light on the side
Kind Old Witch Lives In The Cottage
a painting of animals in the woods with bats, mushrooms and other things around them
"Moonlit March" Halloween fun - Annie Stegg
an old house with a thatched roof and green shutters is in the woods
Mother Hulda
a tree house built into the trunk of a large tree in a forest with a bench underneath it
Witch hat shack.
an old tree stump with a thatched roof and door in the middle of a forest
Winterthur Encanted Garden 33 by FairieGoodMother on DeviantArt
an old tree house in the middle of a forest with a thatched roof and door
Winterthur Garden Witch's Hat cottage! by Nancy Mitchell
a woman standing in front of a tree stump with a thatched roof and door
Field Trip: Winterthur’s Faerie Garden at Enchanted Woods
From Barb's blog: As you enter the gates, a warning is given to never enter the Forbidden Faerie Ring or you may not be seen again in this world! My friend, Renee’, and I heeded the warning and wound our way along the path to a house made from a fallen Tulip Tree. Complete with a tiny hinged door and carved wooden chairs, this witch’s hat-thatched hut launches your imagination.
an old style building with two towers and a door in the center is surrounded by greenery
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs in front of a white castle like building