Not ashamed to admit I've used more than one of these tricks.

We've rounded up some bizarre, yet real, examples of how not to repair things. That gun holder though, is too legit!

IT GOT BETTER >>> always reblog sock puppet goose


haha i saw the picture and thought it was a weird duck or something too and after seeing this for the time im finally realizing its a person😂👌

Camera man for the gold GIF

Haha, that's too fun

Gold Medal Performance by the Cameraman Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images

☸Momos 3☸ - ✯122 - Wattpad

☸Momos 3☸ - ✯122

Read from the story ☸Momos by Cry-Babx (◜мιn grιd◞) with reads.

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