Mesa de centro con pallet y cubierta de vidrio

Pallet Step Coffee Table with Glass Top - 30 DIY Pallet Furniture Projects

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Hexagonal Glass Tables: Isom by Sebastian Scherer

German designer Sebastian Scherer has created a series of tables called Isom. The tables are made completely in sheets of blue, green, grey, and bronze glass, each with a hexagon-shaped top. Supported by three pieces of rectangular glass vertical pan

Muebles Base de mesa de centro con cristal - Mesas de Centro Coloniales - Muebles Coloniales y Muebles Rústicos:

es: Center table with glass - Colonial Center Tables - Colonial Furniture and Rustic Furniture

• Llamamos a este diseño La noche estrellada porque el azulejo tiene la misma paleta de sensación y del famoso Van Gogh pintura. Esta mesa

Iridescent glass tile inlay in coffee table. If you're looking to protect the top of your coffee table, you could get a cheap plastic place mat or some shelf liner and hot glue a mosaic with tiles bought at Michaels.

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