Small items crazy wedding preparations handmade DIY candy May: material: Skittles, small bottles, ribbons, flat bottom, drill, glue, custom labels. Often the wedding to be the "feel" of a mind, remember when sugar rainbow? Printed above a large letter "S", the different colors represent different tastes, "We" are also in the mind!

Wedding Giveaways Idea this would be a nice idea, too, but have to think of a replacement for the sweets(Kisses Chocolate Ideas)


Bonbonnière: Think Pink sweet hearts in a jar for Valentine's Day

DIY tea bag tags. Tags that say "drink me" for a Wonderland themed bridal shower?

For Jane Tea bag tags. Write cute notes on each for a personalized gift for friend or for your mom. Love this idea!

what to do with paper doilies

Five Crafts to Make with Paper Doilies

The secret weapon in your DIY wedding toolkit: Lace Paper Doilies and ideas to make doily chandeliers, doily wrapping paper, doily garlands

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