This is a list of the ordinal numbers in Spanish and English from 1-20, created for use in the dual language or Spanish language classroom....@Sarah Bellak

Ordinal Numbers in Spanish and English (Dual Language)

Ordinal numbers in Spanish & English from created for use in the dual language or Spanish language classroom ~ Chintomby Chintomby Bellak

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A Level Spanish on

“Estar - to be. An irregular verb in

Presente de indicativo. Verbos regulares e irregulares

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When to use Por & Para

Por y Para Presentation and Activities-This will help your students learn when to use each!

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Aprende español: 17 expresiones coloquiales con LÍO [Podcast 044] Learn Spanish in fun and easy way with our award-winning podcast: for later

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[verbo_hacer_pasado.jpg] #spanishlanguagetips #learnspanish

[verbo_hacer_pasado.jpg] #spanishlanguagetips #learnspanish

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N/A #learnspanishwords