EXO Look Alikes

EXO are literally just 12 walking memes. Can someone please tell me who ass doez it belong to? >>> damn that ass

Jajaja cierto, yo nada más me los quedo viendo y me doy la vuelta.

When somebody tries to hurt your feelings but you don't have any.


So wrong. plus the article means "Toa leaves EXO" (omg! Toa means toilet in swedish)

lol so true

Gwiyomi can he be my math teacher pppppplllllllllllllllzzzzzzz for you unexucated people that translatates to cute its a song

BaekHyun : JE T'AIME Tae ~TaeYeon : Moi ?TaeHyung : Non MOI ! Umma Baek m'aime moi !!

~ KPOP MEMES I ~ - Hyun family

I am. He just doesn't know jet.. xD

For me it is finding a man that looks as handsome, has as nice a personality and can sing/dance freely (like without a care in the world.

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