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google spreadsheet hack!
How to spice up the inventory chart#excel #microsoft #microsoftexcel #office #word #o #powerpoint
How to combine and summarize multiple different data files.
Ms Excel shortcut to save you time
Reformat Data
How to Use IF in Excel | IF FUNCTIONS IN EXCEL | IF FORMULA | Excel Tutorials | Excel Videos| Excel
How to easily format tables in Excel
How to use VBA to autofit entire worksheet in Excel! Save this so you won’t forget it💡
Create multiple Pivots with a couple of clicks!
how to sort data by name or date of birth
Try this next time you catch yourself wanting to merge cells! 💻 #excel #exceltips #excelformulas
Make Dashboard Easily
↓ Read Caption for the steps... Advantages of Excel dashboards: - Visual data presentation - Real-time insights - Customizable and interactive - Data consolidation - Automation - KPI tracking - Easy sharing - Cost-effective - Familiar interface Steps 1. Press CTRL + A to select all 2. Now Press CTRL + T to add table format 3. Now insert slicer & give 3 columns in slicer tab & resize it 4. Now insert a chart & remove the unnecessary stuffs & resize it too #dataanalysts #data #exceldashboard
How to open the series tool in Excel! #cheatsheets #excel #exceltips #excel_learning #spreadsheet #t