Mafalda #humor #chistes

Mafalda (arguing with her mother): "But." "Because I'm your MOTHER, and I'm telling you to do it!" "If it's a matter of titles, I am your DAUGHTER!" "And we graduated the same day, DIDN'T WE?

Mafalda #amorensilencio

Mafalda (I'm going to make a slight modification: change the "I" to "Yo" because Mafalda speaks Spanish . porteño, to be exact.

And now, please, will you teach us truly important subjects?

Mafalda ( "now please teach us something that matters")

I love u Mafalda -

Mafalda & Miguelito: "What are your plans for this sping?" "So young, yet so organised!

Mafalda X(

Mafalda: Guille: & feet are hurting me. Your shoes are on backwards.& & pride is hurting me!


¿ A qué juegan los chicos de hoy? hi Kids, what are you playing? Oh we are playing "Government" - why would you play that?

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