Andrea Castro Perez

Andrea Castro Perez

Alta, cabello corto, morena , flaca.quieres saber mas.
Andrea Castro Perez
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what its like between ruby sapphire and amethyst

my head canon is that Sugilite is a physical representation of the animostity amethyst and garnet have towards pearl <-- that would make sense actually

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...

This is why I've never been a Pearlmythest Shipper. I see Amethyst looking up to pearl like a sister not a GF. Plus I think Amethyst needs to love herself first.

xD Switcharoo. This is actually ans awesome AU. Garnet is replaced Opal, Amethyst with Ruby, and Pearl with Sapphire. COMMENCE FANART!!

“You have a lobster on your butt.” a su au where opal is the one always fused together, also I can only imagine this with ruby with the lobster butt.