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some beads are laying on top of a card
two children are playing with plastic cups on the table and one child is reaching for them
Bebe, Linda, Melissa, Lines, Tema, Nicole, On Instagram
a person is holding a pencil and writing on a piece of paper that has been taped to the wall
three children at a table doing arts and crafts with crayons on the paper
a knife and fork being held over a cutting board with blue plastic pieces on it
Aprender a cortar con cuchillo y tenedor. Coordinación bimanual 💥
a child is cutting out cookies with scissors
Nuevos juegos caseros DIY para estimular la motricidad fina en niños y niñas
a little boy sitting on the floor painting with crayons in front of him
a red toy car with a green pencil in it and the words les voitures feutres
a child's hand holding a pencil over a paper with colored dots on it
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