Flash cards in a photo album with Expo marker

Put math flash cards in a small photo album and students can answer the cards using a dry erase marker or number cards to trace and write or draw dots to show

With the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system, you will learn how to speak authentic Latin American Spanish.

Shape Sorting Activities for Toddlers from Minne Mama

Shape Sorting for Toddlers

Shape Sorting Activities for via Minne Mama (pinned by Super Simple Songs) letter of the week is I, ice cube tray activity.

La civilización

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

This simple project with help teach kids geography and increase their global awareness as they begin to grasp their city, state, country, and continent.

taxonomias-de-bloom-verbos-infografia.jpg 620×1,674 píxeles

2 Sensacionales Infografías para Abordar la Taxonomía de Bloom en el Aula

hecho de hacer y echo de echar

hecho de hacer y echo de echar ✿ Spanish Learning/ Teaching Spanish / Spanish Language / Spanish vocabulary / Spoken Spanish ✿ Share it with people who are serious about learning Spanish!

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