Viajar es sólo una cosa que compras y te hace rico ...

Beautiful travel quote: "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!" So very true, you can't put a price on the feelings you get and the things you learn when you travel the world.

Cual Kate Winslet saliendo de su coche para ver el Titanic, asomé la cabeza a medida que salía de la boca del metro de Westminster. Y allí se alzaba, no el mítico barco, sinó el también mítico (por…

Vive el Londres básico y espectacular en sólo tres días

Viajar, viajar y viajar por todo el mundo

This photo represents "wanderlust". I imagine this is what someone who loves to travel must think when they are deciding whether or not to go.

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kerran vuodessa...

"One a year, go some place you've never been before." - Dalai Lama (Quotes) Not this year but certainly in

Personalised Passport Stamp Heart Print

Personalised Passport Stamp Heart Print

Personalised Passport Stamp Heart Print - every place I've been to, get the tattoo started with the places I've been so far and go to the same tattoo artist over the years until the heart is complete.

Gerundio, infinitivo

Autor: Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez (Aracataca, Colòmbia, 6 de març de 1927 - Mèxic, D. Estil: És un poema que reflexa llibertat.