¿Y la H para que sirve?

Do you want to learn Spanish and enjoy yourself at the same time? There are many ways to do this. If you're a person who enjoys the arts, a good way to learn

¿Haya, halla o allá?  #Tip #Lengua

Haya = present subjunctive of the ever-so-hard-to-pin-down verb “haber” (to have, to exist, etc.), Halla = person present tense of the verb “hallar” (to find), Allá = the adverb “there” or “over there.

Cuentos para Aprender Ortografía 3

Cuentos para Aprender Ortografía - ¿Por qué “gue”, “gui” lleva “u”, y ...?

Cuentos para aprender Ortografía 4

¿Por qué za, zo, zu se escriben con 'z', y ce ci con 'c'?

¿Cómo enseñar a los niños a multiplicar? Aprender las tablas de multiplicar es un aspecto fundamental de las matemáticas elementales.Conocerlas facilitará

printed-c Excellent colorful multiplication chart. Much better to have it in color to help us memorize and see what we're doing! Slide fingers across from the left and down from the top to find a multiple.