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a sign that is hanging on the side of a building
a sign that has been decorated with different items
letrero en foami "Bienvenidos" ✏️🖍️✂️🖌️
the powerpuff girls cartoon characters are on top of each other
an image of some cartoon characters on a poster
two children are riding on the back of a space shuttle in front of an inscription that says
a poster with the words regia 5 and an image of a blue crayon pencil
a notepad with the words regia 4, levinar la mano para particir written on it
a piece of paper with the words regia 3 on it and a cartoon character holding a pencil
an orange crayon holding a clipboard with the words regia 2
a sign that says regia 1 resepar a nevestros companeros
a sign that says regramento del salon de crayos in spanish