My musical friends will understand this.

My musical friends will understand this.

My musical friends will understand this. --- Band geek humor is the best kind.

Math humor!

Meet my new friend…

Hahaha oh math jokes! This is too funny! Btw the square root of is an imaginary number.

What happiness is all about…

What happiness is all about…

Funny pictures about I want happiness. Oh, and cool pics about I want happiness. Also, I want happiness.

A little photo humor never hurt anyone

Farewell letter from

Photography Pick-Up Lines.sadly only those of us of a certain age remember the days of film and dark rooms

La única forma de que te salven la vida hoy. #humor #risa #graciosas #chistosas #divertidas

Help help throw a rope ————————————— Hey down here I have a outlet

Viernes de desmadre

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Payday and then through the rest of the month. I like how no one is bothered by the top picture.

K manera de joder la vida caray :( Ideologías son buenísimas!

Dedicado a mi país: España......


Does the creator of this picture realize milk comes from girl cows? Not male cows?

Mafalda! =) jajajaj ..... pero si la gente en #espatraña se enorgullece DE NO LEER y ser 1 inculto #asinosva

Mafalda & Felipe: "Wouldn't the world be beautiful if the libraries were more important than the banks?