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DIY Candle Holder
OK, so that's me playing with embroidery hoops for the rest of the weekend then . 🙄 , 📷 @plantcubby . . . . #plants #diy #craft #decor #plantlovers #plantlover #Indoorplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #doityourself #artprocess ( #📷 @plantcubby )
a drawing of a lion with flowers on it's head and an arrow in the middle
Fantastic lion embroidery design | Embroideres studio
a drawing of a lion's head with green eyes and the word goodbye written in cursive writing
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Vintage, Diy Fashion, Fimo, Fabric Flowers, Diy, Petal, Floral Embroidery, Bunga, Faux Suede
Spring at Your Feet 🍃🌷
Мини выкройка юбки-солнца
a hand holding a pink cloth with flowers on it
Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild # 46C
two sweatshirts with cherries on them hanging in a clothing store, one is grey and the other is pink
a woman wearing a flamingo and pompom t - shirt in front of flowers
DIY HTV Shirt Ideas: Flamingo and Pom-Pom T-Shirt | The Pretty Life Girls