Don't give explanations of your life; your friends don't need them, your enemies wouldn't believe them and stupid ones wouldn't understand them.

Te voy a dar 2 medallas: una por idiota y otra por si la pierdes #Sarcasmo #frases

[Figurative Trans: I am going to give you two medals: One for being an Idiot, and the other in case you lose the first one".

Viejas cabronas ---   -----

no sean agretas que el humor sana y un poco de humor irónico tb.

Tú, para hablar mal de mi tines que mentir. Yo, para hablar bien de ti también.

Tu,per parlar mal di me,devi mentire.Io,per parlar bene di te,pure.

la meritita verdad que si!

Except when I get angry, then I turn into a demonic witch, a sadistic bitch who came out of depths of the Hell that will make you wish that you were never born.And when I'm happy, I bake cakes and other stuff.