¿Haya, halla o allá?  #Tip #Lengua

Haya = present subjunctive of the ever-so-hard-to-pin-down verb “haber” (to have, to exist, etc.), Halla = person present tense of the verb “hallar” (to find), Allá = the adverb “there” or “over there.

Un poco de ortografía nunca viene mal

Un poco de ortografía nunca viene mal #infografia #infographic #education

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Diccionario de puntadas, de Sharon Boggon. Muy completo

illustration of how to work basque stitch. Basque stitch creates a line of twisted loops which looks good on a curved line. ~By SharonB, Pintangle Variation on the blanket stitch

Que los ojos de los que te leen no sangren                                                                                                                                                      Más

Imágenes y memes #17 (entra a reirte un rato)


Positive Spanish words: I loved having a chart like this up. The kids referred to it all the time!