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several pairs of small square earrings on a plate with straw basket in the back ground
kleine eckige bunte Ohrringe // Polymer Clay Ohrringe // PAULA // bunte Ohrringe mit Kugelohrstecker // kleine Rauten Ohrringe
pair of yellow and black striped earrings sitting on top of a gray plate next to green leaves
Korikko - Etsy India
three colorful earrings sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase with flowers
Polymer clay zebra earrings
two orange and white polka dot earrings on a wooden table next to a yellow pillow
Brincos em cerâmica plástica - @sil.clay
decorated cookies sitting on top of a cooling rack
two green, pink and orange wooden earrings on a white surface with sprinkles
Pop Leopard — Nina Zabal
Pop Leopard — Nina Zabal
colorful paper cut outs are arranged on a white surface with pink, yellow, and blue shapes
Ollraight Color Block polymer clay earrings
llraight polymer clay earrings are all about colors, shapes and fun ! And the Color Blocks collections are no exception ! — Les boucles d'oreilles Ollraight sont en argile polymère. Formes, couleurs, elles sont faites pour égayer le quotidien, l'alléger et faire sourire. Et les Color Blocks s'en donnent à cœur joie !
four pairs of earrings are shown on a white surface with eucalyptus leaves in the background