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PVC storage system - storage

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soda racks for canned goods, great for rotation.

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food storage organization

basement storage room

Basement Storage Room

The garage sale was a success! We cleared away a lot of unnecessary clutter. Now we only have necessary clutter (and a bushel basket!)! This wall gets a passing grade for being organized: New Ikea boxes for my better half's electronic bits and bobs This side still needs improvement: We need to get our act together one day and make the area above the washer dryer functional. However, the machines sit a good six inches away from the wall, so I don't know how you reach anything if you have…

Storage Room

Storage Room

How-to-make canned food dispensers

How to make canned food dispensers - Provident Living

When food come in cans, a can dispenser makes it possible to rotate your cans of food, always using the oldest first. Learn how to make them. There are three designs.

Food Storage- How to build a water and food storage shelf

The Result

Food Storage- How to build a water and food storage shelf