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a chair sitting in front of a window with the words no bath room dismantizing badh functionality myths
No bath-room: dismantling bath functionality myths
No longer confined to a closed, isolated and dimly lit area, these #bathrooms are integrated into the broader domestic space. Featuring Nastia Mirzoyan, PuntoFilipino, Mesura and Balzar Arquitectos Learn more at
three different views of a living room and dining area with wood paneling on the walls
Guarapari Apartment / Arquipélago Arquitetos + Pianca Arquitetura
The refurbishment of a 1970s #apartment in São Paulo aimed to tailor it to the requirements of a young family. The original layout, designed by architect Ruy Ohtake, was meticulously restored and strategically modified to optimize the functional aspects of this modernist residence. #Interiors #Interiordesign #Interiorarchitecture #Apartmentinterior #Moderninterior #Contermporaryinterior
Jinx Ave by Emily Laurens Interiors
The Jinx Ave residential project in Austin, Texas, began with a 2000-square-foot dwelling constructed in 2013. To accommodate the expanding family, the homeowners initially considered moving to a larger #home. However, due to high demand in Austin's 2020 real estate market, they chose to enhance their existing property instead. Learn more at
ARI Historic apartment redesign by FLUO
The multi-cultural influences of the city can be found in many details concerning the design of this apartment, from the materials to the pieces of art. Learn more at
Julius Café by NAAW
Julius, located in the heart of Almaty, is a petite specialty coffee shop. The project is commissioned by ABR Group, recognized in Kazakhstan for its meticulous approach to interior design in various ventures. Learn more at
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a wall
It is time, time for more!
The launch of the new EGGER Decorative Collection 24+ is just a few steps ahead. Therefore, we want to share another highlight with you: TM12 PerfectSense® Omnipore Matt. The matt lacquering makes respective decor images stand out better and gives them more colour depth for a unique and elegant room ambience. #EGGERDecorativeProducts #timeforcharacter #nature #timefor #new #novelity #furniture #interiordesign #interior #TM12 #perfectsenseomniporematt #morefromwood #madewithegger
two pictures of a woman sitting on a bed in front of a window and another photo of a person looking out the window
Suzhou Section Homestay By Wutopia Lab
a bed sitting next to a tree in a room with white curtains on the windows
Oásis Ventú by Bezerra Panobianco | Living space
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Warm minimalism in a 1900 bulding by Forma Arquitectura
The project involves renovating the #interior of a listed Catalan modernist house on Montjuic Mountain in Barcelona. The #house, with rich architectural details, had suffered from previous tasteless renovations. The goal was to restore its original values by blending them seamlessly with contemporary interventions. Learn more at #architonic #interiordesign #cozyinterior #houseinterior #homeinterior #contemporaryinterior #minimalisthome
Sauna World in Trebon by Plus One Architects
The recent expansion of Spa Aurora in Třeboň posed a significant challenge as it aimed to maintain the high standards set by the 1970s #spa complex. To achieve this, the architects utilized locally sourced crushed #stone, light-colored tiles, and wooden cladding. Additionally, #concrete elements, such as washbasins and ice machines, were incorporated to enhance the overall #design. Learn more at
three different views of a bedroom with white walls and floors, including a bed in the middle
Vasto Gallery By Mesura
Blurring the lines between home life and art, this project converts an #industrial #studio into a #cozy #residence that also serves as an art #gallery. Preserving some of its initial ambiguity, this intervention embraces the client's lifestyle, utilizing spatial indeterminacy to blur the boundaries of the domestic space. Learn more at #architonic #interior #interiordesign #minimalisthome #moderninterior #contemporaryinterior #homedecor
the inside of a modern house with lots of furniture
Oásis Ventú By Bezerra Panobianco
In a world characterized by an accelerating pace, Oásis Ventú emerges as a sanctuary for self-discovery. Stepping into this #residence, time appears to decelerate, and visitors transition into inhabitants, uncovering the authentic essence of living. Comprising two interconnected spaces, Oásis Ventú embodies a fluid and distinctly #Brazilian spirit. Learn more at #architonic #interior #interiordesign #houseinterior #moderninterior #contermporaryinterior #interiorideas
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a fire pit in the middle of it
Bateia Bungalow Bathroom by Studio126 Arquitetura | Detached houses
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a living room or dining area
Boko House By Hiroyasu Imai
Revamping a secondhand #apartment for a married couple and their two cats. The architects' goal was to create a living space that ensures the comfort of both humans and #felines within a standard 65 square meters, a common room size in #Japan. They endeavored to approach the #design from both the human and feline perspectives, taking into account lifestyle, habits, and safety. Learn more at #architonic #interior #interiordesign #apartmentinterior #moderninterior
Art House By K.P.D.O
The project is a family #home for an art collector. The existing home was an uninspiring 1980’s addition to a Victorian villa. The brief was to work within the original footprint to create a home to allow for large gatherings and space to display a growing art collection. Learn more at