Corazón tejido.


New York artist Jan Huling turns common objects extraordinary with beautiful beading patterns. "My three-dimensional collages combine f.

Alebrijes artesanías orgullosamente  mexicanas

Alebrijes artesanías orgullosamente mexicanas

Felipe Benitez Miranda creates unique and whimsical folk art alebrijes carved from wood and then colorfully painted.

Gran roca corazón punto arte Mandala pintado por CreateAndCherish

Big Heart Dot Art Mandala Painted Stone Fairy Garden Gift Decoration Painted rock Beachstone

Big Heart Dot Art Mandala Painted Stone Fairy by CreateAndCherish

Ojos de Dios de Jay Mohler

Jay Mohler Updates the Traditional Craft of Homespun God’s Eyes to Create Elaborate Masterpieces up to 48 Inches Wide

Magaly Fuentes  Fierce Jaguar

Magaly Fuentes is a member of the multi-talented Fuentes family. Her father is Epifanio Fuentes and her brother Zeny. She created this beautiful fierce jaguar figure. It is a very nicely painted piece.

Imagem de Huichol

Beautiful beaded artwork from the Huichols of Nayarit.