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BTS' Jin updates fan with his military discharge date on 10th debut anniversary: ‘I may go home but won’t make any plan'
BTS: Jin joined the South Korean military service last year.
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BTS Jin's Discharge Celebration: IPX Launches Global Foodie Campaign with BT21's RJ - KOREAPN _ K-POP NEWS
BTS Jin’s Discharge Celebration: IPX Launches Global Foodie Campaign with BT21’s RJ
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Today marks exactly 17 days left until Jin’s discharge from military service 🫡
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Netizens Shocked by BTS’s Jin’s Decision to Hug 1000 Fans After Discharge
Recently, the full schedule for the 2024 BTS FESTA – an event held to celebrate BTS’s 11th debut anniversary, was announced via the boy group’s SNS platforms. According to this schedule, BTS’s Jin, who will get discharged from the army on June 12, will attend the June 13 event in person. Notably, during the meet-and-greet […]
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TAEHYUNG "FRI(END)S" MV photo sketch
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Min yoongi for valentino
#yoongi #bts #valentino #suga
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𝓢𝓓⁷ on X
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