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a man standing in front of a window covered in perforsants and looking at his cell phone
an image of a circle made out of thin lines on a white background with orange and blue colors
Overlaid Lines Archives - leManoosh
an abstract black and white photo with stripes on the walls in a room that looks like it has been made out of cardboard
View of the group exhibition "The Other Trans-Atlantic. Kinetic and Op Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America 1950s - 1970s" GARAGE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Moscow (Russia), 2018 | Julio LE PARC | PERROTIN
Julio LE PARC - Artist - Perrotin
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall mounted mirror
Unique wall mirrors from Opulent items
three vases with flowers and plants in them on a table next to each other
Table of Contents: A New Start - Gardenista
Labware Plant Stands; Gardenista
several different colored blocks sitting on top of each other
Gallery of Studio Ossidiana Translates Elements of Persian Gardens Into Lively Materials Exhibition - 16
цвета, фактуры. геометрия. асимметрия, блеск
a person walking in an empty room with rocks and boulders
WORS architects reimagines historic fortress site in portugal as monolithic museum space
an artistic sculpture with lots of water coming out of it
Sergey Makhno Architects designs underground house creating 'a safe home' in Ukraine
an artistic black and white photo with rocks in the sand
a mannequin dressed in black and white stands next to a wall of gold circles