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1.9M views · 38K reactions | https://taichizidong.com Specific exercise improve symptoms, daily full-body exercises remove root causes. 240410-Do you want to improve your eyesight? Rub Bagua in your palm. 81 times clockwise each side every day. The Bagua in the palm corresponds to the internal organs and limbs. We can think of it as a holographic reflection area of the body. Rubbing Bagua means massaging the whole body. It has many effects. According to the practice of many people, it has obvious effects on improving vision. It also works for children if we help them practice. The duration of each exercise is not long, but it takes a long time to take effect. Most people experience results between 6 months and 12 months. The body is an intelligent system, and we must learn to use it correctly. If you want to truly get healthy but are busy and don’t have time, we recommend you learn the following courses: 1. 56mins Daily Routine • Full Body Practice. (Systematic exercise of the body) 2. 60mins Acupoint Vibration • Full Body Patting. (Acupoint energy vibration enhances self-healing power) 3. 30mins Evening Routine • Good Sleep. (Enhance mental energy and inner peace) Please click: https://taichizidong.com to view the course. #wudang #taichi #qigong #ancientselfcare #health #chineseculture #tcm #heathylifestyle #exercise #stretching #relax #meridian #foryou #eyesight #eyes | Taichi Zidong | Taichi Zidong · Original audio