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a black table with gold stars and a crescent drawn on it
51K views · 10K reactions | If only I could stitch this fast! Thank you again for a great Shop Update last night.. I will be working on packing orders today. 🥹🥰 | Erin Alyssa • Embroidery Artist + Author | Maksym Rzemiński · Liz on Top of the World (From "Pride and Prejudice")
a cross stitch pattern with bugs and butterflies
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a purple flower with green leaves is on a white sheet that has been embroidered onto it
Pin by Olga Ríos on Bordados a mano | Ribbon embroidery, Embroidery patterns, Crewel embroidery
a book with flowers and plants on it
Объемная вышивка Розы Андреевой: Персональные записи в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
a hand is holding a piece of cloth with white lace on it and an embroidered flower design
the cross stitch pattern has been designed to look like children
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a cross stitch pattern with an old sewing machine in the center and other items on it
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a cross stitch pattern with a pink butterfly on it
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