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'It would be good if we could put pain into an envolope and return it'

Carolina Herrera - El Palacio de Hierro. #frases #palabras 2014 #vida

Carolina Herrera - It is not easy to make something look simple. Simplicity is much more difficult than the complexity

0% Interest

when someone I don't care for talks to me about anything! The whole conversation is defaulted to ZERO interest. Proceed with preprogrammed laughs & replies while simultaneously retreating to inside your head.


A time will come when your demons will ask you for a bigger hell.

Si caes por tus problemas, levántate por tus sueños. Muy bueno, y Mafalda es una genia!! (bueno, Quino en realidad!!!!)

If your problems make you tumble, let your dreams pick you up. She's Mafalda and she is very loved in Argentina. Newspaper comics for over 50 years.

"La envidiosa realmente no te odia en realidad se odia a sí misma por no poder ser como tú". #Frases #Candidman https://t.co/5fzMzB0pin @candidman

The envious does not really hate you she actually hates herself for not being able to be like you. Double Tap Me Gusta! "Latinas changing the world!