Prescruittura con pongo e cannucce.


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Spy Glass Color Wheel

Wow for the mini scientist. How to make your own colour spy glass out of card stock and coloured cellophane. I love this idea to teach colours. Great for light box play as well.

Encuentra la palabra que se pide y atrápala!!

Literacy centers - the first six months sight word swat as a literacy centre. Dollar tree has giant fly swatters!

3 formas de aprender a escribir el nombre propio

Name Puzzles. Do each kid's name in a different color and keep 5 or 6 names in an envelope. (This would be good for kids learning the names of the other kids in their reading group). Can also add a picture to it. OR can use for weekly spelling words

ordenamos el nombre

I'd include a picture of the child underneath the name. this will be the first task of their TEACCH sessions for the day. Perhaps another folder as well with The date, and weather (after having calendar time with the class)