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an image of a hand reaching for something in the air
Eric Thompson on Instagram: "⚫️"
a hand holding a wine glass with pink and purple light coming out of it's center
the sun is setting over the ocean with some clouds in the sky and one boat out on the water
a lone person walking in the middle of an ocean at sunset with two large open doors behind them
an empty train car with flowers growing in the grass on the floor and two blue seats facing each other
flower car
an artistic drawing of two eyes with bright stars on their foreheads and pink background
two hands are peeking out from behind the curtains
an image of two blue eyes with yellow stars painted on the upper half of them
a painting of a city street with tall buildings and palm trees in the foreground
a building with multicolored walls and balconies
Colorful Thinking
Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand, 2008, photograph by Yann Lecoeur.