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Gender Binary

Collection by Kirsti Donald


My Pinterest project for Gender and Ethics (HUMA 1000).

Kirsti Donald
Sadly this is what Trans folks face everyday. The simple act of going to the bathroom is something that is feared among trans folks, and there is a solution here. GENDER NEUTRAL RESTROOMS, help promote safety for all people! Transgender Ftm, Transgender Bathroom, Transgender People, Transgender Problems, Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Touko Pokemon, Pixiv Fantasia, Trans Boys, Trans Rights



iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay via TED Where do you draw the line? Homo, You Draw, New Perspective, Ted Talks, Genre, Fifty Shades, Social Justice, Transgender, Equality

Fifty shades of gay

iO Tillett Wright has photographed 2,000 people who consider themselves somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum -- and asked many of them: Can you assign a percentage to how gay or straight you are? Most people, it turns out, consider themselves to exist in the gray areas of sexuality, not 100% gay or straight. Which presents a real problem when it comes to discrimination: Where do you draw the line?

Beyond the Gender Binary: Yee Won Chong at TEDxRainier. A video discussing some of the daily struggles transgender people live with and tips for becoming an ally. Very eye opening! Non Gender, Non Binary Gender, Ted Talks Video, Gender Spectrum, Self Organization, Gender Stereotypes, Gender Studies, Transgender People, Genderqueer

Beyond the Gender Binary | Yee Won Chong | TEDxRainier

Yee Won Chong shares a story about the challenges of navigating the world while transgender, and provides suggestions on being a good ally.Yee Won Chong conv...

Should the World of Toys Be Gender-Free? Should gender be systematically expunged from playthings? Or is Lego merely being realistic, earnestly meeting girls halfway in an attempt to stoke their interest in engineering? Gender Binary, Gender Studies, Thing 1, Gender Roles, Sorting Hat, Pinterest Projects, Make Sense, Ny Times, Baby Love

Opinion | Should the World of Toys Be Gender-Free? (Published 2011)

Does Stripping Gender From Toys Really Make Sense? - NYTimes.com "At issue, then, is not nature or nurture but how nurture becomes nature: the environment in which children play and grow can encourage a range of aptitudes or foreclose them." Does gender impact a child's toy choice, or do the toy choices impact the child's gender choices?

Gender is: a spectrum; a range of expression; how you relate to yourself; a personal identity. Gender is not: just male of female; defined by body parts, sexual orientation; determined by chromosomes. Women Rights, Gender Roles, Gender Issues, Personal Identity, Genderqueer, Intersectional Feminism, Lgbt Community, We Are The World, Equal Rights

links to a genderqueer website offering blogs, web comics, art, and other information in a gender safe environment

Our America with Lisa Ling - Transgender Child: A Parent's Difficult Choice - Oprah Winfrey Network Lisa Ling, Pride Quotes, Gender Nonconforming, Transgender Community, Oprah Winfrey Network, Gender Binary, Reproductive Rights, Intersectional Feminism, Documentaries

Transgender Child: A Parent's Difficult Choice | Our America with Lisa Ling | Oprah Winfrey Network

Tuesdays at 10/9c on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network or visit http://www.oprah.com/ouramerica | Hailey, a young biological boy born as "Harry," has expressed from...

Sometimes men simply have to be role models - One dad's reaction to his gender non-conforming son. Parenting Done Right, Good Parenting, Parenting Goals, Daddy, Superhero Capes, Thing 1, Boys Like, Best Dad, Crossdressers

Dad wears skirt to support dress-wearing son

What would you do if your son liked wearing dresses? One dad in Germany decided to put on a skirt of his own in support his little dress-loving fellow. When ...

This pin shows a Genderbread person. It demonstrates Gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation are independent of one another. Social Issues, Social Work, Libido, Genderqueer, Gender Binary, Lgbt Community, Equality, Religion, Gender Identities

sexual orientation

genderbread-person... The genderbread person helps to identify some common gender binary terminology and shows that identity, orientation and expression are all on a continuum and are not as black and white as society protrays them to be. Be sure to follow the link on this page to the original article for more indepth explanations! A great read!

TED: Is Anatomy Destiny? some information on intersex people, not about gender per se, but the science behind our chromosomes and the impact of how we determine sex. Gender Issues, Gender Roles, Destiny Gif, Gender Spectrum, Live Tweet, Gender Binary, Civil Rights Movement, Ted Talks

Is anatomy destiny?

Alice Dreger works with people at the edge of anatomy, such as conjoined twins and intersexed people. In her observation, it's often a fuzzy line between male and female, among other anatomical distinctions. Which brings up a huge question: Why do we let our anatomy determine our fate?

[Ads: sex sells] I can't cook. Who cares? Dita Von Teese, Vintage Bra, Vintage Lingerie, Gender Binary, Funny Ads, Funny Commercials, Funny Jokes, Who Cares, Underwear

Beyond the Gender Binary

One example of of gender binary from a terriffic blog, which presents various materials (films, advertisements, articles and you tube clips) promoting breaking the gender binary and informing people of the inequitites surrounding them everyday.

A short documentary about intersexed identities and the way the rigid gender binaries can lead to physically and emotionally harmful institutionalized practices. Gender Binary, Rainbow Crafts, Pinterest Projects, Documentary Film, Sociology, Smurfs, Documentaries, Medical, Doctors

XX/XY - A Short Documentary about Intersex

Tags: biology , bodies , children/youth , gender , lgbtq , sex/sexuality , clitorectomy, intersex, intersexuality, medical sociology, transgender, 11 to 20 mins Year: 2000 Length: 12:50 Access:...

It’s Ok, Guys–You Can Sleep in a Queen-Size Bed. A short tidbit demonstrating a boys reluctance to associate himself with anything feminine, a result of gender binary. Social Science Project, Gender Binary, Pinterest Projects, Teaching History, Old Ads, Queen Size Bedding, Vintage Ads, Feminine, Sleep

It’s Ok, Guys–You Can Sleep in a Queen-Size Bed - Sociological Images

The Society Pages (TSP) is an open-access social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota

The parents of a transgender girl who has been banned from using the girls’ bathroom at her Fountain, Colorado public school have filed a discrimination complaint—and are using the opportunity to speak out publicly in support of their child. Civil Rights Cases, Human Rights Movement, Transgender Youth, 6 Year Old Boy, Boys Backpacks, Foster Parenting, Parenting Plan, Triplets, Old Boys

Transgender Girl's Parents Lobby for Her Right to Use the Bathroom

The parents of a 6-year-old transgender girl who has been banned from using the girls’ bathroom at her Fountain, Colorado public school have filed a...

HHS: Affordable Care Act includes gender identity in their definition of sex discrimination in order to protect the health care rights of transgendered people across America. Gender Binary, Transgender People, Making Shirts, New Names, Social Issues, Good News, Lesbian, Health Care, Acting

Making Shirts to Support the LGBTQ Community - Big Time Shirt

Sales of pride merchandise are at an all-time high thanks to huge public support for the LGBTQ community. Because of that, many merchants, specifically t-shirt sellers, have been created in order to sell LGBTQ merchandise to supporters. Did you know that the majority of these companies don’t give anything back to the LGBTQ community? It’s really a shame. However, there is a morally intrinsic value to be placed upon any company that chooses to devote their time and resources to creating…

Moving away from societal pronouns - that's what gender-queer does. It gives people the opportunity to define themselves in more complicated ways that speak to them as individuals, rather than as cultural products. Gender Binary, Opportunity, Culture, People, Products, People Illustration, Gadget, Folk

Beyond gender binary | Daily Xtra

Envisioning a pronuon-free future