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The Ice Dragon (OC x male!various)

(slight fairy tail x one piece crossover) Ice dragon slayer Sophia Fullbuster, adopted sister to Gray, and her exceed Simo live as Fairy Tail mages on the island of Fiore in the East Blue. What happens if one day, a certain Strawhat pirate crew docks in the port of Magnolia and invites her to join t



Reincarnated as a Villainess (Under Editing)

Elise is a simple girl; she's really kind to people. One day while crossing the road, she got hit by a truck. What do you think will happen if she got reincarnated? What life will she be living? Read and find out

Code Unknown: Guild Adventures In A Different Dimension?

Ace is not your average teenage boy. He can surpass any superhuman abilities, making him a powerful individual. And because he is too overpowered, his perspective from the world has changed, but all he wishes, is that for him to have a normal life. Until one day, he was summoned to a parallel universe, where people are natural born mages. He then, joins a guild called "Pixies Scale", which is a not so well known guild. What adventure awaits Ace in the other side of the universe? A original…

Manga/Anime Girl mit verschränkten Armen

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