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Life on our farm with our angora goats and llamas.
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two sheep laying in hay next to each other near a wooden fence and wood slats
Elfy and her mom
a sheep is standing in the dark by itself
Our 1st baby of this year 2017. Her name is Elfy
several sheep in a fenced off area near a wooden structure with a door on it
an old barn sits in the middle of a field
an open field with animals in it and people standing on the other side of the fence
a small white sheep standing on top of a lush green field
a small goat standing on top of a lush green field
a white sheep standing on top of a grass covered field
several pieces of yarn are hanging on a clothes line with an ironing board in the background
two goats sticking their heads over the top of some wooden crates in a barn,
a small white goat sitting behind a wire fence on the grass and looking at the camera
Coeur’s Story
three sheep are standing in the hay and one is biting at another goat's ear
Shearing time
sheared and unsheared goats fighting to know who will be the next boss of the gang. (until the next shearing)
several animals are grazing on the grass in front of an old barn and silo
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Goats and Llamas enjoying eating grass . We are on our farm , Ferme Bonne Mine in Vankleek Hill