painting rocks and other fairy houses

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a rock with flowers and a hummingbird painted on it's side sitting on a table
several bird houses on top of metal poles in front of some flowers and trees with green grass
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Stake into the ground in your garden or in a planter and add a little extra charm to your outdoor world.
three orange and white clown fish sitting on rocks next to the water with pebbles around them
25 DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make - Craftionary
a stone with a nativity scene painted on it
a hand holding a painted rock with a bird on it's face and red shoes
two chickens painted on a yellow and blue dish with flowers in the background, sitting on a red surface
a painted butterfly sitting on top of a rock
Discover recipeshome ideasstyle inspiration and other ideas to try. Pinterest, Rock, Manualidades
Discover recipeshome ideasstyle inspiration and other ideas to try.
painted rocks with animals and flowers on them are arranged in the shape of an egg
pinterest drawing ideas easy - cool colored pencil drawings
a hand holding up a painted rock with a dog on it's face and the words stoneartdecor instagram
three painted rocks with faces of animals on them
six cat magnets with i love cats written on them
three painted rocks with ladybugs and daisies on them