So cute

Retro style I love every thing about this. I wish this was my life, I was born in the wrong era

I once dreamt I rode my bicycle down the street in my neighborhood on a sunny day, wearing a beautiful pleated red skirt

Dana Buchman was working with Ellen Tracy in her initial years. Since 1991 Dana Buchman has been associated with Council of Fashion Designers America as a member. She has co-authored the book “A.

the curious bumblebee

Cycle lady with retro bike, denim midi skirt, leather bag, big blue knitted…


This Dutch Republic Bike in this colour. I saw a girl riding it down the street and it looked just as cool as the pictures.

ellen page - i like her.  shes kinda a cross between jodie foster, rose byrne, and a whole lotta smart....and she just called fox news, foxy news...which gotta a laugh from me.

Ellen Page, love the dress and shoes. classic style Collector Note: I'm looking at the bike!