Oldskool Hip-Hop Stormtrooper Cosplay This is THE greatest Stormtrooper cosplay of all time. Unless you’re a chick with a bangin’ body and killer rack, there’s really no point trying to top this dude.


Breakdance the movie.I thought they where sooo cool


My guide to eating vegan in London (or 20 …

Emobroidery Kits: Miso Funky DIY Craft Kits Give an Edgy Twist to Cross-Stitch

the acrobatic breakdance

My theme is the dance photos. here we can see a figure of break dancing, always impressive.

Hip Hop, a sport, an art, a passion ?

Step up 2 # Robert Hoffman # Briana Evigan Missy Elliott ^ Shake Your Pom Pom


Son of man did not come to be served.but to serve Mark jesus breakdance

Robot breakdance #SLT #LOL

Lillies and Biscuits: One Of My Fave Things: Anton Tang Box People