Memphis, Tennessee

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Historic Tennessee mansion one couple legally bought for just $1.00!

Memphis property developer Jose Velázquez and his wife Jennifer had been looking for their dream home for 24 years, and managed to find it for just one dollar.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital founded by a Lebanese

Was walking past the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon on Clemenceau Street, and it made me think back to when I used to intern at the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC) …

Historic Maywood Beach

Rainbow Lake was a large entertainment complex with pool, skating rink, and the famous Terrace Room

Holiday Inn Hotel Courts - Memphis, Tennessee

4941 Summer Ave. - U.S. 70, 79 & 64 East Memphis, Tennessee Phone: 34-6687 3 Other Locations in Memphis: U.S. 61 South - U.S. 51 North - U.S. 51 South 450 Rooms - 450 Baths - 100% Air-Conditioned - Steam Heat - Pleasure Eating - Bridal Suite - Free Swimming Pool for Guests Only Mailed from Memphis, Tennessee to Mrs. A.E. Vest of Sherman, Texas on November 1, 1955: We got here about 7 o'clock, have had supper & are ready to "window shop" a bit before going to bed. We left Clarksville about…

Memphis Union Avenue - in Vintage Post Cards and Photos

All about Memphis Union Avenue when it really was 'Union Avenue', before all the fast food drive-ins. Featuring many historic photos and vintage postcards.

Sears Crosstown Part 2: We've Entered the Building... - Memphis Type History

Shares It’s the post you’ve eagerly been waiting for where we take you along on one of the last tours of the Sears Crosstown building. If you haven’t been waiting eagerly you probably missed “Sears Crosstown: An Intro to the Tour” by Rebecca. We’re going to start our blog tour with a little introduction to the sheer size of the ...