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NO-Sew Tutu tutorial | Make It and Love It

NO-Sew Tutu tutorial

Okay, I am such a sucker for comments. I love reading them and love to see what people have to say, where people come from, ideas and suggestions from you, you, and you......I love it all. So much, that while reading each comment during this last giveaway I secretly wanted to go buy enough supplies to make tutu's/shoes/bows for all of these little girls you were trying to win for. Awwww, little lovelies dancing all around in fluffy tutu's........... Well, bad news. I can't afford to make a…



wood turquoise inlay | Mesquite with Turquoise Inlay - $155.00 : W. Kohler Lamp Company ...

Çaydanlık lamba

Çaydanlık lamba

illuminated canvas

diy project: kate’s illuminated canvas

I think we could do this ourselves! (MacKenzie-Childs - Poppy Shade)

from GARDNERS 2 BERGERS: How to Paint Brass Lamps

How to Paint Brass Lamps

I love lamp. It's like this clip... Looking at the lamps, what can I say? I love them! Only they're always so ugly, so rather than leave these lamps as bare as the Mojave Desert, I've decided to prime them, sand them, paint them, shade them, and give life to these barren, brass fellows. Please enjoy the Oasis I've created. This shiz is my niz, so leave a comment if you like my biz! I found a couple of brass lamps at DI (Deseret Industries= like the Salvation Army) ages ago, I mean maybe two…

Image result for alice in wonderland furniture

alice in wonderland furniture

Image result for alice in wonderland furniture

LOVE that lamp.


involves rearranging and finding new old things to sit around on my new old dresser.

Old drawers

Old drawers


Ribbons and Bows Lamp Shade

I've seen a lot of re-purposed lamp shade forms in recent years. I even made a garden cloche with one, but here is a new, more romantic var...

Grandma's Antique China Lamp Gets A French Country Makeover

Grandma's Old China Lamp Gets A French Country Makeover

A before and after story. A vintage china lamp from gets a charming French Country makeover with some paint, fabric and creativity.

Lamp Shade Makeover.  Great video!  His way is so simple - I couldn't believe it.  It looked like he had a hot glue gun with a fine tip.  Most glue guns are gloppy.

How-To: Metal Frame Lampshade Makeover | Make:

Are beat up old lampshades constantly catching your eye at thrift stores and flea markets? Rescue and revive those metal-framed finds with this lampshade makeover video tutorial!

Fabulous DIY Projects and Party Time with Junkin Joe�All WELCOME!

Fabulous DIY Projects and Party Time with Junkin Joe...All WELCOME! - The Cottage Market

If you are looking for some wonderful DIY Projects and many fabulous are in the right place. Come and enjoy! We have some amazing recipes!