Passion that is sooo undeniably rooted deep within both of us. I cherish and adore you <3

Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling ~ The Notebook ~ love this movie! (I would be her double for any scene :)

Times Square (Nueva York, EE UU). El apasionado beso entre un marinero y una enfermera celebrando la victoria de Estados Unidos sobre Japón al final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en la neoyorquina Times Square ha sido repetido por innumerables parejas desde que Alfred Eisenstaed hizo su famosa foto, publicada en la revista LIFE el 27 de agosto de 1945.

10 lugares donde robar un beso por San Valentín

Caption from the August issue of LIFE. ”In the middle of New York’s Times Square a white-clad girl clutches her purse and skirt as an uninhibited sailor plants his lips squarely on hers.” Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” –Clark Gable ‘Gone With the Wind’ 1939”

Rhett Butler & Scarlett O'Hara (Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh) - Go With The Wind - 1939

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As my mind speaks : Photo

Pasión con pantalones cortos....

Pasión con pantalones cortos....

its two babies kissing! wait- two babies kissing?

It's looking a bit overcast today. Hmm. The wheels are turning. And my lips are burnin'!

Passionate kiss in the the passion in this photo, despite the rain the moment carries them away.

Glamour Photography Magazine 1957

Black and white vintage love